5.0.3 - Reduce delays for Centered Movement users
This patch release fixes a bug causing delays here and there for users working in the Centered Movement group. In particular, new Centered users would wait up to a minute before selecting their coach!
Not anymore 🏎️
5.0.2 − Searchable Settings & Countdown mode
This new version of Centered highlights 2 major changes, a few fixes, and better performances! Let's dive in…  🏄
Searchable Settings
The Centered app can be customized in many ways. Organizing all these settings in a way that would make sense for everyone, in any context, is difficult—who said impossible?
you can now search any setting from the new search box!
It supports partial searches, as well as keywords. Less time spent hunting for settings = more time to work on what matters to you.
Looking for a countdown timer?
Speaking of what matters, many of you mentioned that you'd prefer the time to count down instead of counting up.
This is now possible when using the Break Timers.
Turn on "
Show Time Worked vs. Time to next Break
" to enable the countdown. 🍅
You can manually update the countdown at any time. Handy when you need a few more minutes to wrap up a task. 😉
Other improvements
Other notable improvements for this release are:
  • A new setting to disable the background images rotation.
    If that feature is distracting you, open settings and search for "background" to turn OFF the rotation.
  • Groups now have their dedicated pages.
    Besides seeing your coach and other people working with you, you can grab a link to invite your friends and work together with Centered! group-pages
  • Performances have been greatly improved.
    In particular, the Centered app should consume ~3 times less memory than before. The CPU usage was also decreased, notably when you are in a work session. ⚡
5.0.1 - All the little things
This version of Centered mostly brings fixes and little improvements all around the application.
Here are a few highlights.
The Session Player now shows up on all of your MacOS desktops
when you are working. It's much more convenient if you organize your work with different virtual desktops.
Long task names now properly show up in the menu bar
. Did you know you can pause the music from here?
menu bar
But also:
  • Completed tasks don't count against the tasks limit for non-Pro users anymore.
  • The
    ⌘ ,
    shortcut now opens the settings on MacOS, as Mac users would expect.
  • Windows maximize and minimize behaviors now work fine with Centered, as Windows users would expect.
And some more little tweaks around to make the app smoother to use for you 🧈
5.0.0 − Simpler & Faster
Centered is now exclusively a desktop app and you will find that the main window is smaller, but still has the functionality you love:
Click the Task icon to make your Task List visible at all times:
Find your favorite Coach or Group by clicking the Centered logo at the top of the Player to open this Coach Selector (with a handy search bar)
Ever get distracted by your phone while you're working? No longer.
There are a
more features but we'll just mention one last one here - we've added a Productivity Score so you can track your improvement over time. You'll find more info behind the "(?)" button next to your score.
That's it for you - please send us any and all feedback so we can keep improving Centered for you.
4.2.0 - Discord Integration
Let your friends on Discord know when you are working in a Centered Session.
If you have the Discord application running on your desktop, Centered can change your presence status when you start working. This way, you let your friends know that you are not available until your next break. 🧘‍♂️
Discord integration in Settings
Other improvements
On Windows, you can now quickly add a task on top of a list.
Open the Add Task modal with
. Then, hit
to add the task on top of the selected list. This is handy to quickly capture a task you want to work on now!
Add Task modal on Windows
💡 Pro-tip: configure the Add Task modal shortcut from
Settings > General > Add a Task from Anywhere.
Spotify integration is now more robust.
It’s less likely to stay stuck in a loading state when you start working. If you are listening to music from Spotify when you work, you will see that it just works most of the time!
And some more fixes, such as:
  • No more “You are halfway through” when starting work on a task if your estimation is
  • DnD shortcut detection has been fixed on Mac OS Monterey.
  • Your coach will stop nudging you if you tell them your phone is not a distraction when you are working.
4.1.1 − A smoother, polished Centered app
This release brings a lot of little improvements and tweaks that will make the Centered app easier to use. Here are a few highlights.
Fewer coach nudges for task time reminders.
Your coach won’t pull you out of flow when you are 5 minutes and 1 minute away from your task estimate. You will still get the 10 and 2 minutes reminders, which should be enough to give you a heads up without troubling your focus. 🧘‍♂️
When working, we encourage you to turn your camera on to feel connected with the others. According to the Social Facilitation theory, it helps you be more efficient - like working in a coffee shop instead of working alone from home. But not everyone likes to turn their camera on (maybe this is you? We made some changes to make your experience smoother!)
The camera prompt will automatically dismiss after 15s.
We get that you may be working already and we take your silence as a “no thanks”.
You can always decide to enable your camera later by clicking on your avatar in the top-left:
Speaking about the camera,
Start your Session with the Camera on
is now a non-Premium setting. If you never want to be prompted for your camera when starting a work session, you can turn it off in
Settings >> General
And some more little tweaks, such as:
  • Allow
    to be a valid Task estimate.
  • It’s now faster to open the Settings page on macOS Monterey.
  • Hide Calendar events that are less than 2 minutes. Less clutter.
  • Improve Centered session suggestions, so the proposed slots make more sense in your calendar.
💁‍♂️ Pro-tip: link your Google Calendar account to see and modify the Centered work sessions you have scheduled.
4.1.0 - The new Mobile App is here!
Now, you can get Centered on the go with your favorite focus music and coach right from your pocket. Wherever you are, capture your Tasks and update them anytime.
Is your phone a big source of distraction? We got you! Start a Centered Session on your desktop, open the app on your phone, and your coach will nudge you if you give in to the impulse to check your phone 🚫🤳
Other improvements
You can now customize the times we’ll suggest Centered Sessions
. If you prefer to work outside of the 9-to-5 schedule, configure the suggestions so they are more relevant to you.
Coach messages are not in your way anymore when your Mini-Player is expanded,
so you can still interact with your active Task when a coach message is on screen.
  • Centered notifications have been fine-tuned so they fire less often and only when they are the most relevant.
  • Working solo? We cleaned up the UI so it doesn’t suggest you enable your camera anymore. Also, the camera indicator won’t light up anymore since your camera is off!